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VideoSkip, my video-editing app written during the COVID-19 lockdown, was in need of a nice domain for a while, especially now that it’s gaining some popularity. Because it is based on a not-for-profit community effort, I thought a .org domain was most appropriate. But, alas, was already taken, so I had to make it do with This is no longer necessary because the previous owner of, Jeremy Plsek, has been kind enough to transfer it to us at no cost, since he’s wasn’t using it. Here’s a big thanks to Jeremy, on the right, the first donor to the VideoSkip effort. And there’s more to it; read on if you want to know.

Yes, it’s eerie, but it seems Jeremy had an idea for something very similar to our VideoSkip, about a year ago. This is the page to which was pointed for the last year. You can appreciate that it is also an extension that selectively skips a streamed video, though for reasons different from those of our VideoSkip. It seems that Jeremy’s project evolved or merged into a project with a different name, hence the lack of use of the domain. Jeremy’s current project, successor to his VideoSkip extension, is called SponsorBlock, and you can find it at this address. It’s still the same thing, only the objectionable content to be skipped is ads, which takes more effort than skipping parts of the video itself because ads come from a different source (and this is why our VideoSkip stays in sync even in movies that contain ads).

So a big applause to Jeremy for understanding that open-source is a community effort where everyone contributes in whatever way they can, and do support SponsorBlock. I’m sure those pesky ads in YouTube annoy you as much as they annoy me.

BTW, will still work for a while, so you can reach the exchange either via or But if you need the .net domain for a worthy effort, let me know.

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