VideoSkip Exchange started

One of the great things about VideoSkip is that the users themselves can edit movies and share their edits, via .skp files, with other users. I order to facilitate the process, I’ve started hosting a forum, entitled “VideoSkip Exchange” in order to do just that. You can find it at or

BTW, the extension version of VideoSkip is now live. You can install it in Chrome, Firefox, and their derivatives. Unlike the standalone version at and other links (below), which edits videos that are downloaded to your computer or mobile gadget, the extensions can do the same for movies streaming from any online source.

Here are the links:



Standalone app for computers:

Standalone app for mobile devices:

The forum rules are simple:

  1. You can get skip files any time, no registration needed.
  2. If you want to contribute, you must register. It’s quick and painless, with only email verification needed.
  3. Keep contributed files orderly: one topic per movie, different files for the same movie as posts under the same topic.
  4. Please detail what’s special about your edits, and what the source you started from is.

You can find a lot of skip files already there. Let’s have fun!

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