Privacy Policy is the personal blog of Francisco Ruiz, an inventor, developer, and author. The immense majority of the content is created by him, but others may submit comments, which may be posted after review. This process involves supplying some personal information, which is stored by the site. So here’s the summary:

  • What personal information we collect: Comment submission pages require the commenter’s name and email address. There’s also a cookie that caches this information so it won’t have to be entered again. It is okay to submit fake/aliased data.
  • What use we make of this information: We use this in order to tell the commenter whether his/her comment has been accepted.  If a fake address is supplied, you won’t get an email back from us.
  • What we share with others: Nothing at all. We don’t even look at the database built into WordPress.

So browse with confidence, because you’re not going to get spam from us.