PassLok Universal released

Here it is, the latest variation of my PassLok encryption app. PassLok Universal is a lot like PassLok for Email, with these few enhancements:

  1. It runs with just about any email service, not just Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook online
  2. It includes all the password management power of SynthPass
  3. It that weren’t enough, it also includes the page isolation functions of Page Cage

All of it launched by clicking a single icon. Which functions become active depend on what’s on the current page: encryption/decryption if that material is on the page or can be put into it, passwords if a login is visible, page security otherwise.

Here’s where you can get it for Chrome, or for Firefox.

PassLok Universal follows hot on the heels of PassLok for Email 0.5. Once PassLok for Email had moved from being contained in the email page to having its own little window, it was an obvious step to try to move it to a browser action triggered by a single icon. The code to extract and inject encrypted material had been developed a few months ago for FusionKey, so it was also logical to use that as well. Finally, the SynthPass window and related code was added more graciously than in FusionKey, where the PassLok and SynthPass components remained very much separate under the surface. Not content with leaving it like this, I added functionality for that great majority of pages that contain neither encrypted material nor logins. In this case the functionality consists of notes, secured by the master password, which can be attached to any website visited and sync with the browser; I also added a button and a right-click menu item to put the page in an isolating iframe, as in PageCage.

So here you have it: PassLok Universal combines the functionality of three previous extensions: PassLok for Email (now no longer limited to three email services), SynthPass, and Page Cage (enhanced with notes and right-click access). Missing only are PassLok Privacy’s signatures and secret splitting, plus three extra text steganography modes. But it’s only 214 kB is size, scarcely any larger than the newest PassLok for Email (itself some 50 kB lighter than in version 0.4).

And, like all my previous apps and extensions, NO SERVERS are involved. Data syncs seamlessly with the browser itself, and even that you do not need to trust, since all sensitive data is encrypted. As usual, your master Password is not saved anywhere, so it can’t be compromised.

This may be the only security-related extension you’ll ever need. Here’s a little comparison between PassLok Universal’s features and those of other popular browser extensions, including some of my own:

MailvelopeFlowCryptLastPassPL for EmailSynthPassFusionKeyPL Universal
any email service
encrypt attachments
password saving
password synthesis
page isolation
secure web search

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  1. Hey Paco – I figured it out. I had to restart Chrome to make it work. This is pretty fantastic work! I still find it cumbersome to use, but considering the price, it’s quite the value. Thanks for all your hard work!

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