Mobile-friendly PassLok released

It’s been a while since I looked into PassLok on mobile devices. Well, things have evolved and now smartphones and tablets are faster than they used to be, and can handle things they couldn’t handle before. So the newest version of PassLok (2.4.16) removes a number of old limitations placed when the code was running on a mobile platform. You can now insert images and files to be encrypted, and integration with the texting app is tighter.

One good way to run it is from a browser bookmark from one of these sources:, Autistici, Site44.

A partial list of improvements:

  • Rich text, plus the ability to add pictures and files to messages, is now available on mobile devices.
  • The way the Email button opens the email app has been revamped (alas! Android Chrome has removed abilities that were there before).
  • The Copy button is now active on mobile devices.
  • The SMS button copies the main box of PassLok before opening the texting app, so you only have to do a Paste.
  • Integration with texting is also available on PCs, for those OSs that support it, like MacOS.
  • The Help screen now animates as items open and close.
  • Fastclick is now unnecessary, so it has been removed.
  • DOMpurify has evolved into something a bit too permissive, so it has been removed and replaced by safeHTML, which is tighter.
  • The library removals have slimmed down the app by nearly 100 kB.

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