Long article on Cryptography

I have written a fairly long article, entitled “Can a Tabula Recta provide security in the XXI Century?” combining several posts from this website. The overarching assumption is that, in a world where connected computers are everywhere, we may get to a point where no electronic means within a given person’s reach can be trusted. What then? Use low-tech means that have been tweaked and optimized using computers, to stand against computer-aided attack if if comes to that. You can find the article here.

One thought to “Long article on Cryptography”

  1. This is really fascinating! I’ve always loved hand ciphers.
    It makes me really happy to see hand ciphers actually designed to be used by humans; it feels like so many seem to only work in binary or otherwise assume you have a trusted and functional computer to aid you.

    It’s also amazing to see how efficient a Tabula Recta can be with the built-in substitutions and snake movement.

    Thank you for publishing this <3

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