DiceKeys entropy converter

© F. Ruiz 2020

This program translates a DiceKeys state into a unique code in several formats, in case the native DiceKeys app, which works via the camera, encounters a problem. There's also a Mini mode using only 16 dice (A through P) on a 4x4 grid, and a 6x6 Extended mode using the standard DiceKeys die set plus 11 extra dice labeled Q, plus .0, .1 etc up to .9 . Users enter each die code, starting from top left and reading by rows, as a string comprising the letter (case insensitive), number, and orientation (in ^_<> format, meaning straight up, upside down, facing left, facing right), with options to ignore any of these. Separators will be ignored. Codes are generated after clicking "Run" or one of the checkboxes. The final code is the result of combining partial codes from the Letter, Number, and Orientation for each die; by default the most significant is Orientation, followed by Number, and then Letter, but this can be changed via a series of radio buttons. Output codes appear in a number of bases, including a user-defined one: just write in the appropriate box the list of symbols in ascending order, beginning with the one representing zero.

 DiceKeys 5x5    Mini 4x4    Extended 6x6

 Letter    Number    Orientation

Significance order:   ONL    OLN    NOL    NLO    LON    LNO

Decimal (max is )

Base64 (max is )

Hexadecimal (max is )

Alphabetical (max is )

User-defined base (max is )