All my apps updated

What started as a small improvement on image steganography has grown into a major update of all my published apps, encompassing PassLok Privacy, PassLok for Email, SeeOnce, URSA, plus two new apps: PassLok Image Encryption, and PassLok Human Encryption. This articles summarizes the changes for those who might be curious. Read More

Are today’s communications more secure than ever?

charles-barsotti-enemies-yes-but-doesn-t-your-moat-also-keep-out-love-new-yorker-cartoonI’m going to start this post blowing the punch line, which is an unequivocal: “yes, but…” Yes because today’s communications can use stronger encryption than ever, and it’s getting stronger all the time, historically speaking. Ah, but the but. . . . You’ve got to read the article to see how we’re managing to throw all that security out the window, and what can be done about it. Read More

We’re back!

Yes, the rumors of our death were somewhat exaggerated. It all started when our web host,, disappeared into thin air without any warning around May 23rd. It took all our content down with it, so we’ll see how much can we get back. My hopes are high; after all, doesn’t the NSA have a copy of everything?

Wizzerdwerks was an awesome web host while it lived. The new host is SiteGround, which has high ratings online that seem legitimate. Even better, the files are located in the Netherlands, and if someone were to mess with them this could start a nasty diplomatic situation. This is why the Dutch flag is proudly displayed in this post.