Long article on Cryptography

I have written a fairly long article, entitled “Can a Tabula Recta provide security in the XXI Century?” combining several posts from this website. The overarching assumption is that, in a world where connected computers are everywhere, we may get to a point where no electronic means within a given person’s reach can be trusted. What then? Use low-tech means that have been tweaked and optimized using computers, to stand against computer-aided attack if if comes to that. You can find the article here.

Enhanced keyboard sound with old iPad and MIDI controller

Some time ago, I wrote this post about enhancing the built-in sounds of a Casio keyboard, and possibly most other keyboards as well, but I was still unsatisfied because of having to mess with virtual buttons and sliders, which feel unnatural when you are in the thrall of music making. But then, Santa Claus dropped a Korg Nanokontrol2 down my chimney. Now I’ve got all of that intuitive nuance I was missing, plus some, courtesy of the Casio MIDI implementation. This article is essentially the same I posted at the Casio Music Forum a few weeks back, so I’m forgiving my self-plagiarism and reposting it here.

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