The Joy to Be Server-Free

freedomA few months ago, I toyed with the idea of adding a server to my PassLok Privacy app. I reasoned that a server would be able to store users’ Locks so that other users could retrieve them automatically—very much like the General Directory does now, but even more deeply integrated with the program so that users wouldn’t even be aware that a server was being contacted. Everything would be real easy. Seamless. I also reasoned that everyone else was doing it, so why not? Read More

Current version of PassLok for Email

The current version is: 0.4

Unfortunately, the Chrome extension downloader is not working at the moment, so the rest of the authentication process stops here.

For version 0.3.3 (obsolete):

This is the SHA256 of the .crx file obtained from the Chrome store, as described in the Help document:


And this is the SHA256 of the .xpi file obtained from the Firefox store: