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Written by PR Gomez Category: Cryptography
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12-digit calculator

Some time ago, I told you how to achieve high-strength encryption with the help of a simple calculator. Later on, I told you how to remember the long numerical key that would be required by means of a catchy passphrase. Today, I'm going to tell you how to get the highest possible security with the minimum effort.

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Written by PR Gomez Category: Various
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Written by PR Gomez Category: PassLok
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PassLok is now a Chrome packaged app, in addition to the usual server. This has a number of advantages, assuming you trust 


To get it, follow this link:


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Written by PR Gomez Category: PassLok
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Email and chat encryption, certainly very desirable for privacy, has been available for a long time but very few people use it. In this article, I show why this has happened and why this is about to ordering cialis change with PassLok, the privacy app derived from URSA, now in version 1.7.

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