SeeOnce 1.0 published

IMG_1602SeeOnce is my new privacy app, which achieves something rather extraordinary: it does away completely with key management chores and makes everything automatic while providing fully client-based forward-secrecy encryption where messages can be read only once.

This is no Snapchat refusing to let you see a message again (though they have it). It is no Virtru or Dmail, either, where the key (Virtru) or the encrypted message (Dmail) is denied to you after a certain amount of time. This is the real thing. Keys exist only on the sender’s and recipient’s machines, and they are overwritten as soon as a new message is encrypted or decrypted. There are no extra copies.

People at the UK, India, Australia, and other places (see my previous article on this) are going to find SeeOnce quite handy. Now they can hand in their personal Keys if requested by the competent authority, but still their email will remain unreadable to them.

You can get SeeOnce at or as a Chrome app at

Read on to learn how SeeOnce achieves this amazing feat (more…)

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Current version of SeeOnce

SeeOnce is a new app, similar to PassLok, but where everything is automatic. It allows you to send self-destructing messages by email, and switch to real-time chat when necessary.

Current version of SeeOnce is: 1.0
Made on 7/28/15
Main source:

SHA256 string for web source (single html file):


Watch me reading this string.

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Which end-to-end encrypted email is best?

After the 2013 Snowden revelations, there has been a push to make email more private than it currently is (which is, essentially, like writing on a postcard). The big guns, Google and Yahoo, have wowed to make their respective email systems end-to-end  (E2E) encrypted but progress has been slow. The official page about the Google effort has not been updated for months (as of June 2015). In this article, I go over some options available today, while we wait for that final solution that, at this pace, might still take a while to come. (more…)

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PR Gomez hacked again!

It seems that hackers never stop. Well, this time I couldn’t get it fixed anymore, so I switched the engine from Joomla, which apparently is quite liable to be hacked, into WordPress. The new pages have a nicer look and it’s easier to find the content. A few articles have lost some content in the process, but I’ll get that fixed. Let me know how you like the new look.

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Lessons from the VIC cipher

In the mid-1950’s, the Soviet spy Reino Hayhanen, codenamed VIC, and his handler Rudolph Abel (in the picture) pulled off an incredible feat: they utilized a paper-and-pencil cipher that not even the FBI (the NSA wasn’t operating within US borders back then) was able to crack until Hayhanen defected and explained its inner workings. Computers already existed, and they were used primarily to crack ciphers like VIC. In this article, I go over some of its features, and how they can be used to enhance other simple ciphers.


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